RAB Lighting RAB STL360H is the Best Motion Sensing Light Fixture

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H Bronze

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H – Best Motion Sensing Light Fixture

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H – Super Stealth 360 sensor with twin precision die cast H101 deluxe shielded Bell floods pre-wired and assembled on universal CU4 EZ plate. Accepts PAR-38 lamps, 150 Watt max. Lamps not supplied.

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H Installation Instructions

Technical Specifications
Listings – UL Listing:
Suitable for wet locations.
Voltage: 120 volts AC 60 Hz.
Power Consumption: 1W
Surge Protection: Withstands up to 6000 volts.
Wall Switch Manual Override: Two flip logic prevents activation by momentary power outages. Override resets to auto at dawn. No extra wiring needed.
RF Immunity: Circuits fully shielded for maximum radio frequency immunity.
Switching Capacity: 8 amps, 1000 watts incandescent @ 120 volts

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H Sensor Characteristics

Time Adjustment:
5 seconds to 12 minutes.
Wide Sensitivity Control:
Adjustable from 100% to 30%.
Evening Timer:
Keeps lights on for 1-8 hours after dusk. Then sensor is motion activated until dawn.
Set it and forget it:
STL360’s full coverage pattern reduces need for aiming and adjustment.
Advanced Detection Logic:
Minimizes false triggers.
Senses 180° and 360° down for Total Detection.
LED Characteristics
Scanning LEDs: 3 LEDs continually scan back-and-forth

Color Matched Lens:
Dark lens with bronze units, white lens with white units.
Temperature Compensation:
Sensitivity adjusted automatically for consistent detection in hot and cold ambient temperatures.
CU4 plate allows the sensor to be mounted under a soffit.
Lens Masks:
Customized press apply lens mask included to reduce coverage easily.
Photoelectric Control:
Deactivates lights during daylight. Fully adjustable for 24 hour operation or custom applications.
10 year sensor warranty.


RAB Lighting RAB STL360H Features

  • Senses 180° out + 360° down for total detection
  • Scanning LED’s
  • Radio frequency immunity
  • 6000 volt surge protection
  • 1000 Watt switching capacity
  • Pre-wired and pre-assembled on CU4 universal EZ plate
  • Protected manual override with auto reset
  • Can be wired in parallel

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H Dimensions

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H Dimensions

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H Dimensions

RAB Lighting RAB STL360H