The Dewalt DCS551D2 20 Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drywall Cut-Out Tool is perfect for cutting in drywall, ceiling tiles, plywood and electrical boxes. This tool features a bright LED that illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting. The DCS551D2 is backed by a DEWALT 3 year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

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The Dewalt DW660 Cut-Out Tool is one of those tools that reviewers either love or hate without much in between. In my experience it’s a great tool at $60. First off I believe the tool is often used incorrectly and impatiently. See the section below for my thoughts on that. 

My use of the Dewalt DW660 cut out tool has been  for cutting holes in drywall for low voltage and retrofit boxes and acoustical ceiling tiles. I also use it when I need to nibble something a bit . Sometimes I do it free hand but whenever possible I try to use some sort of guide or straightedge. I use these a guide/straight edge to keep me from going out of my my lines, Im not treating it like any sort of precision fence. I also occasionally treat the DW660 like a big Dremel and use my Dremel bits. It’s not a tool I use often but it sure is handy when I need it. I do not use the Dewalt Cut Out tool as a router and I do not use it in places where my Fein Multi-Master is a better choice. 

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GB MSG-501 Cable Boss staple gun secures 120V, low voltage cable, NM cable, Romex, Coaxial, and Cat5 from the same tool. Features include comfort-grip areas for 2-handed operation, easy trigger force and ergonomic handle, rugged construction will survive a 10′ drop, reversible cable guide for easy cable stapling change over, staple refill window to view remaining staples, and rear guide for added cable control reduces cable twisting. Secures round and flat cable, 3 sizes covering NM, coax, voice/data, and low voltage. No. MSG-501: Staple Size: 5/16 In. to 1/2 In.

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Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder

The Franklin ProSensor 710 incorporates advanced technology that precisely senses the surface in thirteen locations simultaneously, then instantly identifies the location(s) of hidden object(s). It is the easiest-to-use, fastest, and most accurate stud finder on the market.. Franklin Sensors has built its reputation on professional-grade stud finders that give you accurate readings. The ProSensor 710 doesn’t waste your time with calibration procedures or inaccurate readings. Just press and scan to find studs instantly.

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Victony Powerline Network Adapter Kit 500Mbps

The Victony Powerline Network Adapter Kit is a $38 experiment for me. I didn’t want to buy a $70-90 PNA kit because I see this as a temporary solution until I can get my Cat6 Ethernet in place. Coincidentally while the Victony PNA kit doesn’t have thousands of reviews like competing Power Line Network Adapter kits it does have 63 5 star reviews and all the comments are positive.

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So your small engine wont start or stay running and it’s making you angry. Mowing your lawn, tilling the garden, blowing leaves cutting wood and blowing snow should not be an infuriating experience.

If you poke around this site enough you will undoubtedly notice that I have a dislike for Ethanol in gasoline (Ethanol E15). E15 fuel is the number one reason for a small engine that wont start, wont stay running. This page is devoted cause and prevention. If you arrived here hoping for a magic fix you might be disappointed. I will say if your small engine wont start or wont stay running you need to either rebuild or replace your carburetor. I encourage you to read the page about my Stihl M55 Cultivator. That is the engine that started me on this troubleshooting quest. I also encourage you to read in detail about why Ethanol is bad for your engine and most likely the reason the engine wont start or stay running. The text below is simply the bottom line with a goal on preventing you from ever experiencing this again.

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If you are looking for a cooler nights sleep and your partner is always chilly and wanting a fleece sheet to sleep in…you can not always split the bed but you can Split the Sheets. Finally a cool cotton sheet on one side is combined with the cozy warmth of micro fleece on the other side. Even the pillowcases are fleece on one side and cool 100% cotton on the flip side. This finally makes sleeping a breeze.

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