So your small engine wont start or stay running and it’s making you angry. Mowing your lawn, tilling the garden, blowing leaves cutting wood and blowing snow should not be an infuriating experience.

If you poke around this site enough you will undoubtedly notice that I have a dislike for Ethanol in gasoline (Ethanol E15). E15 fuel is the number one reason for a small engine that wont start, wont stay running. This page is devoted cause and prevention. If you arrived here hoping for a magic fix you might be disappointed. I will say if your small engine wont start or wont stay running you need to either rebuild or replace your carburetor. I encourage you to read the page about my Stihl M55 Cultivator. That is the engine that started me on this troubleshooting quest. I also encourage you to read in detail about why Ethanol is bad for your engine and most likely the reason the engine wont start or stay running. The text below is simply the bottom line with a goal on preventing you from ever experiencing this again.

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If you are looking for a cooler nights sleep and your partner is always chilly and wanting a fleece sheet to sleep in…you can not always split the bed but you can Split the Sheets. Finally a cool cotton sheet on one side is combined with the cozy warmth of micro fleece on the other side. Even the pillowcases are fleece on one side and cool 100% cotton on the flip side. This finally makes sleeping a breeze.

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Dog Walking Shoes | MuckBoots | Unisex | Edgewater Camp Shoe

Dog Walking Shoes – So we recently added a new member to our household, that new member is a German Shepherd puppy we named “Sully” after Paul Newman’s character in the wonderful movie “Nobody’s Fool”. Sully is the first puppy for me since my teens o there’s going to be a lot of puppy dog entries on the site.
Having to take Sully out constantly while potty training lead me to my first annoyance/issue. I hate wet feet. Going outside in the evenings, mornings and rain into the lawn had me constantly dealing with wet shoes, wet socks or wet slippers. That had me thinking I’m not the only person annoyed by this so I set out to find a waterproof shoe I could slip on like slippers.

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Preparing Your TV Samsung | Samsung TV Problem

The very first page of this site was devoted to the dreaded “Preparing Your Tv” message on my Samsung Smart tv. Since that time there has been a few changes around the house. Despite solving the “Preparing Your TV Samsung” error message I still found the so called “Smart TV” to be a lousy experience. Enough is enough my time is to valuable to waste waiting for a tv. I now have the ability to compare the Samsung Smart TV to the LG Web OS, Roku 4 as well as my Amazon Fire TV. Ill save the actual comparison of those four for another day. For the purpose of this page and your sanity I will simplify and get to the bottom line.

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Clean Glass Top Stove

“STOVE TOP CLEANING CREAM”. It cost a little over $8 for a 20oz bottle, free shipping with Amazon prime. I promptly ordered a bottle and two days later it was in hand. My girl being a skeptic was off to the kitchen for a test. I think while she wanted it to work she didn’t want my solution to be the answer. You know because Im a guy and it could not be this easy. Well within seconds of application she was on the phone with her mother (go figure). It seems the “STOVE TOP CLEANING CREAM” was indeed magic in a bottle. I bought mine here. Thank me later.

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