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The Dewalt DW660 Cut-Out Tool is one of those tools that reviewers either love or hate without much in between. In my experience it’s a great tool at $60. First off I believe the tool is often used incorrectly and impatiently. See the section below for my thoughts on that. 

My use of the Dewalt DW660 cut out tool has been  for cutting holes in drywall for low voltage and retrofit boxes and acoustical ceiling tiles. I also use it when I need to nibble something a bit . Sometimes I do it free hand but whenever possible I try to use some sort of guide or straightedge. I use these a guide/straight edge to keep me from going out of my my lines, Im not treating it like any sort of precision fence. I also occasionally treat the DW660 like a big Dremel and use my Dremel bits. It’s not a tool I use often but it sure is handy when I need it. I do not use the Dewalt Cut Out tool as a router and I do not use it in places where my Fein Multi-Master is a better choice. About the only gripe I share with others is the lack of variable speed. Quite simply every job doesn’t require a 30,000 rpm bit. i would have spent a little more on a variable speed option. I also wish there was a clear accessory base available. This would make the tool a little more stable in free hand applications.

Dewalt DW660 Pro’s

  • Inexpensive
  • Powerful
  • Made well
  • Long double insulated power cord
  • Uses common Rotozip bits.

Dewalt DW660 Con’s

  • Not variable speed
  • A little thick to hold for medium and small hands
  • A little tall and top heavy
  • Lack of accessories like a bigger base.
  • Chuck is a little fat for a guy with small and missing fingers. (It’s why i use a wrench)
  • Tool-Less chuck could be better
  • No carry case

Update: I have since replaced this with the Dewalt Drywall Cut-Out Tool DCS551D2. Follow the link to find out why.


  • The Dewalt DW660 might be based on a router but it is NOT a router. Do not expect it to perform as one. If you need a router buy a Bosch or Porter Cable router.
  • Burning Bits: Yes it’s true, spinning a small cutter at 30,000 rpm’s generates a lot of heat. Slow down and don’t use a constant feed in dense materials like plywood or cement backer board and your bits will last longer.
  • Breaking of bits. See the previous statement.
  • Stuck bits:
    • Clean the collet and motor shaft with alcohol or degreaser. This removes any residue from any anti-rust agent Dewalt may have applied at the factory. These types of coating can act like adhesive when heated.
    • Very lightly grease the motor shaft so the collet will be lubricated. I use a Q-tip swap. This grease prevents the collet and motor shaft from betting stuck together. (Keep grease and oil out of the collet and off the bit). Do not bottom the bit out. Keep the bit at least 1/8″ away from bottoming out, ideally, always make certain all the cutting flutes our above the chuck and collet.
    • Keep the inside of the collet and the shank of the cutters clean
    • Don’t over tighten the bits! The tool-less system was designed to apply enough holding force with normal finger pressure.
    • Don’t use cheap import bits, the soft steel and possible out of tolerance dimensions can cause problems. I use Rotozip.
    • Use a 5/8″ wrench to loosen the chuck. It’s just easier than the tool-less method. Never use a wrench to tighten the chuck
  • Slipping Bits: This is similar to above. Use quality bits. Do not bottom the bits out. Keep the inside of the collet and the shank of the bit clean. Use quality bits. Do not force the feed rate!
Picture of a DEWALT CUT-OUT TOOL DW660


The ideal rotary tool for drywall installers, this DEWALT 5 Amp Heavy-Duty Cut-Out Tool DW660 was built with a 30,000 rpm 5 Amp motor for powerful cutting. Use it to make outlet cuts in drywall, title (such as acoustical tile) and other materials with ease. With a tool-free bit change and bump-off switch, you get increased productivity on any drywall job.



  • Tool-free bit change for fast and easy bit changing without a wrench
  • Turn-on/Bump-off switch allows user to easily shut tool off
  • 5.0 amp, 30,000 rpm motor provides more cutting power
  • Slim body design and ergonomic for less fatigue over prolonged use
  • Dust-Sealed Switch protects against dust ingestion for longer switch life
  • Jam-pot construction provides jobsite durability



  • Adjustable GuideYes
  • Amps5.0 Amps
  • Collet Diameter1/8″, 1/4 in
  • No Load Speed30,000 rpm
  • Power Tool TypeCorded
  • Shipping Weight3.5 lbs
  • Spindle LockYes
  • Tool Length10 in
  • Tool Weight3.2 lbs


  • 1 drywall cutting bit
  • 1/4″, 1/8″ collets

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