Time Saving Tools That Make Life Easier

by | Nov 9, 2018


This website is one of my more interesting websites, not that it’s anything special, I know it’s not, but what makes it interesting in my opinion is that the content is driven by what is going on in my life at the time. I mean how many other websites do you know of that go from solving Samsung tv problems, Bluetooth problems, Stihl M55 cultivator problems to reviews on bed sheets or urinary tract infections in cats? I think visitors to this site probably have lives that are just as complicated.

I have probably mentioned elsewhere that my life has also been a path to learn many skills. I am the Director of IT, Technical Maintenance Manager at a small manufacturing company of about 50 employees. The IT Director position combined with 30 years of computer experience has provided me with a tremendous amount of computer skills, especially on the troubleshooting end of things. i remember when computers were not reliable and Windows crashed all the time.

The Technical Maintenance Manager position is a position that I have been doing for nearly 30 years. In that position I have designed and built industry specific machines that use cool hardware like servo motors, programmable logic controllers, HMI’s (touch screen computers), AC drives, DC drives, pneumatics, hydraulics etc. More importantly to this site I also manage and perform building and machinery maintenance. i have some education to back all this up. I have taken the electrical apprentice program to be an electrician. I did all the studies but not the physical apprenticeship with an electrician. i have also spent countless hours working with very smart people, mentors who have also improved on my skillset.

For 20 years I was also the Property Manager for an 80 plus year old apartment building in New Haven, Connecticut. As a side business i own, operate and maintain about a dozen websites, like this one. It’s safe to say I’m pretty well rounded. 


All those skills mentioned above have been helpful throughout my life. I am able to do many thing properly myself without the need to hire a professional and just as important I have learned to value my time. Years ago I was squeezing in side jobs like building decks, bathroom remodels, tile work, electrical work etc. Often times I took jobs that homeowners could not afford to pay a professional and I’m not going to lie,many of those jobs were bad jobs to take because I was usually cleaning up a problem created by someone else. I no longer do any sort of carpentry or remodeling side jobs I don’t have the time. my day job keeps me busy, I come home eat dinner and work on my websites. I squeeze in some hiking and mountain biking and work on my house. As I mentioned above I have learned to value my time not just because we only have so much time on this planet and we need to enjoy life but I have also learned to put a dollar value on my free time, and by free time I mean every minute that is outside my 8-5 daily grind.

The reasons I a put a dollar value on my time are simple. If I decide to do a side obviously it makes it easy to charge for the work. But I have learned too that there’s also time involved like research, shopping, preparation etc that need to be included. I want to get paid for EVERY SECOND I WORK. Too often customers can waste my time. When they know the clock starts ticking right away and it’s costing them money they tend to stay out of the way. Maybe someday I will write about my side jobs from hell.

I also like to put a value on my own work around the house because if I’m working on homeowner duties I’m not working side jobs or worse, not working on my websites that are so critical to my income. Remember TIME IS MONEY. I find thrifty folks often have no value of their time and will spend countless hours struggling to do a job that they should have either hired a professional or at least bought the right tools to make their lives easier. Remember we are only on earth for a limited amount of time and you should spend as much time as you can enjoying life and not killing yourself to save a buck.


Finally the subject of this page “TIME SAVING TOOLS“. In my opinion if I can spend some money on a tool that saves me time and energy I want to know about it. Last week I wrote about using the “GB Cable Boss Romex Stapler“. In an hour I stapled more romex than I was able to do in 3 hours with any other method. That stapler was under $30. Another are I see is the quality of tools. In fact I think having inadequate tools is worse than having no tools. typically you get what you pay for in any tool. Cheap cordless tools are junk even for homeowners with infrequent use. You will never go wrong with a Bosch, Dewalt or Makita. There is a reason you only see these brands in the hands of contractors. Even more simple tools like drill bits, saw blades, tape measures, clamps, taps & dies, router bits and even hammers you get what you pay for. Buy an Estewing hammer and your grandchildren’s kids will use it one day. 

Good quality tools save time and money in the long run. Buy once and buy right that should be obvious. Beyond that though is true time saving tools. These are the tools where someone thought to themselves “This job sucks how can I make it easier?” These tools are very specialized. Tasks like pulling wires, leveling, finding studs, cutting concrete, cutting drywall, wiring, plumbing etc can often me made easier with modern time saving tools but the job also comes out better in a shorter amount of time. That is what this page is about.

Read this page if you want learn how to achieve time saving professional results in your home improvement projects or home maintenance tasks with the added benefit of getting more of your personal free time back. I would much rather be mountain biking, hiking, walking my dog or fishing than crawling around in my hot attic in July.


The Dewalt DCS551D2 20 Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drywall Cut-Out Tool is perfect for cutting in drywall, ceiling tiles, plywood and electrical boxes. This tool features a bright LED that illuminates dark work surfaces for accurate cutting. The DCS551D2 is backed by a DEWALT 3 year limited warranty for added peace of mind.


The Dewalt DW660 Cut-Out Tool is one of those tools that reviewers either love or hate without much in between. In my experience it’s a great tool at $60. First off I believe the tool is often used incorrectly and impatiently. See the section below for my thoughts on that. 

My use of the Dewalt DW660 cut out tool has been  for cutting holes in drywall for low voltage and retrofit boxes and acoustical ceiling tiles. I also use it when I need to nibble something a bit . Sometimes I do it free hand but whenever possible I try to use some sort of guide or straightedge. I use these a guide/straight edge to keep me from going out of my my lines, Im not treating it like any sort of precision fence. I also occasionally treat the DW660 like a big Dremel and use my Dremel bits. It’s not a tool I use often but it sure is handy when I need it. I do not use the Dewalt Cut Out tool as a router and I do not use it in places where my Fein Multi-Master is a better choice. 


GB MSG-501 Cable Boss staple gun secures 120V, low voltage cable, NM cable, Romex, Coaxial, and Cat5 from the same tool. Features include comfort-grip areas for 2-handed operation, easy trigger force and ergonomic handle, rugged construction will survive a 10′ drop, reversible cable guide for easy cable stapling change over, staple refill window to view remaining staples, and rear guide for added cable control reduces cable twisting. Secures round and flat cable, 3 sizes covering NM, coax, voice/data, and low voltage. No. MSG-501: Staple Size: 5/16 In. to 1/2 In.

Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder

The Franklin ProSensor 710 incorporates advanced technology that precisely senses the surface in thirteen locations simultaneously, then instantly identifies the location(s) of hidden object(s). It is the easiest-to-use, fastest, and most accurate stud finder on the market.. Franklin Sensors has built its reputation on professional-grade stud finders that give you accurate readings. The ProSensor 710 doesn’t waste your time with calibration procedures or inaccurate readings. Just press and scan to find studs instantly.

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Time Saving Tools That Make Life Easier
Read this page if you want learn how to achieve time saving professional results in your home improvement projects or home maintenance tasks with the added benefit of getting more of your personal free time back. I would much rather be mountain biking, hiking, walking my dog or fishing than crawling around in my hot attic in July.
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