• Advanced Multi-Sense Technology senses the wall in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Bright LEDs lights illuminate to indicate the position of hidden objects – making it very easy to visualize the position of studs
  • Identifies the width of hidden objects so that you not only know the position of hidden objects, but so you also know the size of them
  • Can identify the position of multiple studs simultaneously
  • Deep Scanning is always active (up to 1.5″)

Accurate Deep Sensing

What makes Franklin Sensors ProSensor more accurate? Their patented Multi-Sense Technology.

Conventional stud finders have one or two sensors, Franklin Sensors ProSensor has a range of 6 to a whopping 13 sensors! In the diagram below you’ll see that by only having one or two sensors, the “image” a sensor reads though a wall is unclear and blurry. This is why you get inaccurate readings from conventional stud finders.

Franklin Sensors ProSensor Sensor Difference

Franklin Sensors ProSensor Sensor Difference

Our Franklin Sensors stud finders use multiple sensors to triangulate the data. In other words, more sensors provide more sensor readings – resulting in a larger sensing area and deeper, more accurate stud detection.

Quick and Easy

We won’t waste your time with calibration procedures or inaccurate readings.
Just press and scan to instantly find studs.

We have also incorporated a few other features to make your job just that much quicker and easier. We hope you enjoy them.

Wide LED Display

Our sensors have the widest display of any stud finder brand. Our horizontal LED displays range from 3 to 7 inches and display the stud’s center and edge simultaneously. No other stud finder can do that! Our larger models even display multiple studs simultaneously.